FAQ’s before you contact us

1. Are you hiring? Not yet.. But thank you for your interest! We will post job’s on our website when we are hiring again

2. What type of developers do you have? Our team consists of PHP, MySQL, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Python, iOS, Android Developers, and Appium Developers. Additionally, we also have on our team Graphic Designers, QC testers, and administrative staff.

3. How do you prioritize which articles to show first? We use multiple factors like Natural Language Processing analysis of the articles themselves, statistical analysis of every user in an Interest Group, historical behavior of a specific user, day of the week, richness of the document, and various other factors.

4. Do you remove ads on the articles that you show? No. We do not remove ads. We take users straight to the original website link of the publisher.

5. I am a publisher and I want to make sure my News Articles are shown. How do I check if my publication is shown on your app? Please create an account. As soon as you log-in and reach the ‘tile’ page of articles, you will see a button on the left side “Add Content”. Follow the instructions on that page to check and add your news website.

7. I am in Business Development/Corporate Development…How do I reach you? Please contact us at: Information@Newsology.info. We are not looking for funding, but we are interested in strategic partnerships where it makes sense

8. How do I reach you in general? Please contact us at : Information@Newsology.info